Partners: rotring data AG : SYSCAD distributor in Switzerland

    Informations Technologien Bihler: SYSCAD distributor and partner in programming of the standard components library.

    SCHEER ORGANISATION: SYSCAD distributor and partner for the FEBOS - SYSCAD interface

    ORGADATA AG: Partner for the LOGIKAL/SYSCAL - SYSCAD interface.

    map datenverarbeitung: Partner for the MAP - SYSCAD interface.

  Tools: FLIXO - Program for therm. analyses is available at infomind.
Example for a section generated by SYSCAD that is available in FLIXO via DXF interface for further calculation in less than 5 minutes .

    Star downloader - the only free-of-charge and spyware-free program that is capable of resuming interrupted downloads is available on

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